Nursing Books In Pakistan [With Price]

Here are the nursing books for nursing students in Pakistan. This is the list of books from 1st year to the final year nursing examination. Nursing admission will be open soon.

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1st Year Nursing Books

The recommended books by the Pakistan Nursing Council for 1st professional examination. There is a total 9 subjects in the 1st professional nursing examination in Pakistan.

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Ross & Wilson (2018). Anatomy & Physiology in Health & Illness (13th Ed). Edinburgh: Churchill.
  • Arthur C. Guyton, M.D. (2016). Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology (14th ed). Washington: Kurokawa.


  • Lal Harbans. (2007) Biochemistry for BSc. Nursing students 2 nd ed., CBS publishers & distributors.New Delhi.
  • Reddy, R K. (2008). Medical Biochemistry for Nurses, 2 nd ed. New-Dehli: Jaypee Brothers.

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  • Pelczar J.M., 7th Edition (1998-08-01). Microbiology: Concepts & Applications. New York, McGraw-Hill.
  • Jawetz, R. (27th Edition, 2016). Medical Microbiology. London: Appleton and Lange


  • Athans, S. K., & Parente, R. W. (2014). Tips and tricks for summarizing text. New York: Rosen Central.
  • Pelteret, C. (2013). Speaking: B1+. London: HarperCollins Publishers.
  • Seely, J. (2013). Oxford guide to effective writing and speaking: How to communicate clearly Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Short, J. (2014). Get ready for IELTS Listening. London: HarperCollins Publishers.
  • Eastwood, J. (2004). Oxford practices grammar. Karachi: Oxford University Press.
  • Glendinning, E. H., & Holmstrom, B. (2004). Study teaching: A course in reading skills for academic purposes (2nd Ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Howe, D. H., Kirkpatrick, T. A., & Kirkpatrick, D. L. (2004). English for undergraduates. Karachi: Oxford University Press.

Fundamental of Nursing

  • Erb, G., & Kozier, B. (2008). Fundamentals of nursing: Concepts, process, and practice (8th Ed.). Addison – Wesley. Electronic book.
  • Potter, P. & Perry. A. (2013). Fundamentals of Nursing. (8th Ed.). St. Louis: Mosby.Craven, R. F., & Hirnle, C. J. (2013). Fundamentals of nursing: Human health and function (9th Ed.). New York: Lippincott.
  • Potter, P. & Perry. A. (2017). Fundamentals of Nursing. (8th Ed.). St. Louis: Mosby.Craven, R. F., & Hirnle, C. J. (2013). Fundamentals of nursing: Human health and function. (7th Ed.). New York: Lippincott.

Community Health Nursing I

  • Illiyas, M., Malik, G. Q., Hansotia, M. F., Thaver, I. H., Inam, S. N., Baig, L. A., Siddiqi, I., Mubasher, M., & Khan, I. A. (2006). Public
  • Health and Community Medicine. (7th ed). Karachi: Time Traders.
  • Iliyas, M., Malik, G.Q., Ansari, M.A., Mubasher, M., & Khan, I.A. (2003). Community Medicine and Public Health. (6th ed). Karachi: Time Traders.


Here is the recommended books for the Subject of Nutrition

  • F.P. Anita & Philip Abraham.(2003). Clinical Dietetics & Nutrition.Oxford University Press.
  • Susan G. &Dudek.(2006). Nutrition essentials for nursing practice
  • Grodner; Long &Deyoung. (2000). Foundations and clinical applications of Nutrition


  • Natiq, A. Q. (1992). Sirat-e-must aim English translation by Muhammad Raza Kazmi Karachi: Tahir Sons.
  • Zafar, M.D. (1999). Islamic education Lahore: Aziz Book Dept.

Pakistan Studies

• Kazimi, M. R (2007) Pakistan Studies. Karachi. Oxford University Press.
• Belokrenitsky, V.Y and Moskalenko, V.N (2013) A political history of Pakistan 1947 -2007. Karachi. Oxford University Press

Nursing Books For Second Professional Year

Here are the complete books for the preparation for 2nd professional examination.


  • Abrams, A.C. (2018). Clinical Drug Therapy: Rationales for nursing practice. (11th ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott.
  • Boyer, M.J. (2016). Math for nurses: a pocket guide to dosage calculation and drug preparation. (9th ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer

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Adult Health Nursing

  • Gulanick, M., & Myers, J. L. (2014). Nursing care plans: diagnoses, interventions, and outcomes. (8th ed.). St. Louis: Elsevier/Mosby
  • Hinkle, J. L. & Cheever, K. H. (2018). Brunner and Suddarth’s textbook for medical-surgical nursing. (14th ed.). Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer.
  • Lewis, S. M., Bucher, L., Heitkemper Mclean, M., Harding, M.M., Kwong, J., Roberts, D. (2017). Medical-surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems (10th ed.). St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier.
  • Herdman, H. T., & Kamitsuru, S. (2017). NANDA International Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions & Classification 2018-2020 (11th ed.). Thieme.


  • Porth, C. and Porth, C. (2014). Essentials of pathophysiology. 9th ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Huether, S., McCance, K. and Felver, L. (2012). Study guide for Understanding pathophysiology.( 5th ed). St. Louis: Elsevier.

Health Assessment

  • Bickley, L.S, Szilagyi. P.G (2012). Bates’A guide to physical examination and history taking (11th ed.). Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Fuller, J. & Schaller-Ayers, J. (2000). Health assessment: A nursing approach. (3rd ed.). Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott.
  • Weber, J., & Kelley, J. (2014). Health Assessment in Nursing (6 thed.). Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Nursing Ethics

  • Carven, R. F., & Hirnle, C, J. (2003). Ethical and legal concerns. In Fundamentals of nursing: Human Health and functions. (4thed.) (pp. 85-107). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.
  • Christensen, B. L., & Kackrow, E. O. (2006). Legal and ethical aspects of nursing. In Foundations and Adult Health Nursing. (5th ed.). (pp. 21-32). St.Louis: Mosby

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Developmental Psychology

  • Santrock, J. (2014) Life-span Development (14th Ed.) Mc Graw Hill
  • Kail, R., Cavanaugh, J. (2010) Human development: a life-span view. Wadsworth Cengage Learning

Third Year Books

Here are the 3rd yearbooks for the nursing examination preparation in Pakistan.

Reproductive health

  • Pediatrics Health Nursing’Bradley P. Fuhrman, and Jerry J. Zimmerman, (2017). Pediatric Critical Care, (5th Edition).
  • Hockenberry, J.M. Wilson, D., Rodgers, C. (2017). Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing (10th. Edition). Elsevier: Mosby
  • Nelson (august, 2018). Essential of pediatrics. (8th Edition).

Community Health Nursing II

  • Anderson. & Elizabeth T. (2015). Community as partner: theory and practice in nursing. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Murray, S. S., & McKinnery, E. S. (2014). Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women’s Health Nursing. Saunders Elsevier.
  • Marshall, J. E. & Raynor, M. D. (2014). Myles’ Textbook for Midwives (16th ed). New York: Churchill Living Stone Elsevier.

Teaching and Learning principles and practices

  • Bastable, S.B. (2019). Nurse as Educator Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice. (5th ed.) New York: Jones & Bartlett.

Tropical and Communicable Diseases

  • Morens, D. M., Folkers, G. K., & Fauci, A. S. (2004). The challenge of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases. Nature, 430(6996), 242.
  • Khalil, A. T., Ali, M., Tanveer, F., Ovais, M., Idrees, M., Shinwari, Z. K., & Hollenbeck, J. E. (2017). Emerging viral infections in Pakistan: issues, concerns, and future prospects. Health security, 15(3), 268-281.

Mental Health Nursing

  • Stuart, G. W. (2013). Principles and practice of psychiatric nursing. (10th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby
  • Townsend, M. C. & Morgan, K. I ( 2017). Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Concepts of Care in Evidence-Based Practice (7th ed). Philadelphia, PA 19103: F. A. Davis Company.

Introduction to Biostatistics

  • Bluman, G. A. (2018). Elementary Statistics, A step by step approach (10th ed.) McGraw Hill.
  • Kuzma, J.W. (2005). Basic Statistics for the Health Sciences. (5 th ed.). California: Mayfield


  • Gordis, L. (2014). Epidemiology. (5th ed.). Philadelphia: Saunders
  • Stuart, G. W. (2013). Principles and practice of psychiatric nursing. (10th ed.). St. Louis: Mosby
  • Townsend, M. C. & Morgan, K. I ( 2017). Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Concepts of Care in Evidence-Based Practice (7th ed). Philadelphia, PA 19103: F. A. Davis Company.

Final Year Recommended Books

Here are the final year nursing recommended books for examinations.

Nursing Theories

  • Goodrick, E., & Reay, T. (2010). Florence Nightingale endures: Legitimizing a new professional role identity. Journal of Management Studies, 47(1), 55-8Hanna, D. R., & Roy, C. (2001). Roy’s adaptation model and perspectives on the family. Nursing Science Quarterly, 14(1), 10-13

Leadership and Management

  • Sullivan, E. J., & Decker, P. J. (2009). Effective leadership and management in nursing (7 th ed.). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall
  • Huber, D. L. (2014). Leadership and nursing care management (5 th ed.). Philadelphia: Curtis Center

Role transition

  • Beauchamp, T.L., & Childress, J.F. (2013). Principles of Biomedical Ethics. New York: OUP.
  • Beckett, A., Gilbertson, S., Greenwood, S. (2007). Doing the right thing: nursing students, relational practice, and moral agency. Journal of Nursing Education, 46(1), 28-32
  • Butts, J. B & Rich, K.L (2019). Nursing Ethics: Across the curriculum and into practice. (4th ed) Jones & Bartlett: Boston.

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Nursing Research

  • Burns, N. & Grove, S. K. (2015). Understanding nursing research. (6th ed.). Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders.
  • Polit, D. F., & Beck, C. T. (2017). Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing evidence for nursing practice. (10th ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Creswell, John W. (2018). Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approach. (5th ed.). Sage Publications

Critical Care Nursing

  • NANDA booklet for nursing diagnosis (2014).
  • Baird, M. (2016). Manual of critical care nursing [electronic resource]: nursing interventions and collaborative management. (7th. Ed.)
  • Sole, M. (2017). Introduction to critical care nursing (7th ed.)

Community Health Nursing III

  • Stanhope & Marcia (2012). Public Health Nursing. (8th ed.) Elsevier. Mosby
  • Anderson, E., & McFarlane, J. (2011). Community as a partner: Theory and practice in nursing. (6th ed.).New York: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
  • Basavanthappa, B. T. (2008). Community health nursing. (2 and ed.). New York: Jaypee Brothers, Medical Publication.

This is the complete list of nursing books in Pakistan. If you have any questions ask in the comment box. The MDCAT Books 2024 content is updated.

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