MDCAT Preparation 2024 [Guideliness by Dr.Javeed Iqbal]

An interview with Professor Dr.Javed Iqbal Ex-Principal Quaid Azam Medical College, regarding the guidelines for the MDCAT 2024 students in numerous fields after MDCAT And discussion on PMDC (Pakistan Medical Commission) policies.

The discussion encompassed a lot of aspects of MDCAT preparation and relevant fields of MDCAT, As well as the best field for Pre-Medical Students. Here are the questions and answers with Prof Dr. Javeed Iqbal.

Preparation for MDCAT Free

MDCAT needs only the dedicated time for its preparation, a student must have control of his senses and a proper learning method instead of cramming.
The preparatory topics must be memorized; the best way to retain your lesson in your mind is to recount the whole topic with your friends, family members, and someone else.

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