MDCAT Preparation 2023 [Guideliness by Dr.Javeed Iqbal]

An interview with Professor Dr.Javed Iqbal Ex-Principal Quaid Azam Medical College, regarding the guidelines for the MDCAT 2023 students in numerous fields after MDCAT And discussion on PMDC (Pakistan Medical Commission) policies.

The discussion encompassed a lot of aspects of MDCAT preparation and relevant fields of MDCAT, As well as the best field for Pre-Medical Students. Here are the question and answers with Prof Dr. Javeed Iqbal.

Preparation for MDCAT Free

MDCAT needs only the dedicated time for its preparation, a student must have control of his senses and a proper learning method instead of cramming.
The preparatory topics must be memorized; the best way to retain your lesson in your mind is to recount the whole topic with your friends, family members, and someone else.

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Students are worried about provincial policies. What can they do?

To some extent, PMC is trying to make a provincial policy for the same curriculum of all four provinces of Pakistan. A group committee of PMC will select the items of the syllabus which will not clash with any other provincial overview.

Why do Students lose confidence in MDCAT?

MDCAT is a competition test; a student must have confidence in himself in the wing of competent students. Likewise, a student who could not pass the exam doesn’t mean that he is dumb as he could not get himself enrolled in a medical college.

What if a student could not pass the MDCAT test?

MDCAT is not a matter of life and death for a student; if a student could not pass the MDCAT then there are finance Departments supporting the students in the form of loans to ensure their admission to a private medical college.
If a student could not pass the MDCAT then there are plenty of fields other than mbbs bds.

Medical Field other than MBBS

Here is the best medical field for Pre-Medical Students other than MBBS.

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Bachelor Of Dental Surgery

BDS is the best option in place of MBBS. Firstly BDS is a four-year program, secondly, BDS schooling during the study is so modified that after interpretation a dentist starts practicing in basic dentistry.

This field is better for females. No night duties. No stress of work like mbbs. High Scope in Pakistan as well as abroad countries.

Pharmacy And MLT

The profession of medicine and lab technologies is another supreme field in place of MBBS. The government is making a policy to set up a system for medicine and laboratories where the pharmacist is the main staff; moreover, a pharmacist is eligible for a medicine store. Pharmacy is a clean and profitable business.

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Doctor Of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy demands low merit (60%), but is a valuable degree same as MBBS. It is a five-year program with a perfect obligation. A Physiotherapist can get specialization in Geriatrics, cardiorespiratory, orthopedics, and neurology.


Nurses, the health providers are a better discipline in the field of allied services. The only difference between a nurse and a doctor is the rank but both perform the same responsibilities.

  • Specialization
  • Operation Theater (O.T) nurse
  • Intensive care unit (ICU) nurse
  • Anesthetic nurse
  • Post-graduation (P.H.D).

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Allied Health Sciences

Here are the allied health sciences AHS. Here is the different AHS field

  • Medical La Technology
  • Cardiac Perfusion
  • Medical Imaging Technology
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Radiology (Medical Imaging)
  • Laboratory Sciences (Pathological labs)
  • Optometry (Eye and Visual system)
  • Nutritionist and Dietist (D.N.D).

The MDCAT Syllabus 2023 is also updated.

This is the entry test preparation guide for MDCAT by Dr. Javeed Iqbal with a video. Still, if you have questions regarding the PMDC MDCAT Preparation ask in the comment box.



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