MDCAT Timetable [Quick Preparation Guide]

When you start preparing for the MDCAT , you often worry about the preparation in accordance with the best timetable. Believe me, it is going to be one of the easiest things that you can do in a month.

Nowadays, students think that the MDCAT preparation requires a lot of time and a very complex timetable to be followed whereas it is just a misconception in their mind. You can prepare for the MDCAT within a month if you give efficient time and full concentration on the goal you want to achieve.

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In this article, we will tell you how you can prepare through the MDCAT timetable. This timetable will surely work if you go through it thoroughly. Before we proceed further, let us have a look at the structure, weightage, and difficulty levels of MDCAT.

[table id=13 /]

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MDCAT Pattern

  • There are 210 multiple-choice questions that are divided into five different portions.
  • 20% of MCQs are easy, 20% hard, and 60% of MCQs are medium.
  • The time allowed for MDCAT is 210 minutes.
  • It is a computer-based test.
  •  The minimum percentage you would be required to pass is 65.

Let’s Divide subject-wise.

  1. Biology is the first and most important part with 68 MCQs (32% overall)
  2. Chemistry is the second important part with 56 MCQs (26% of overall)
  3. Physics is the third most important part with 56 MCQs (26% of overall)
  4. English is the fourth most important part with 20 MCQs (10% of overall)
  5. Logical Reasoning is the last most important part with 10 MCQs (5% of overall)

The above theory and table can give a clear idea of how the MDCAT is designed. We will keep this understanding as our base for making the best MDCAT timetable.

MDCAT Biology Timetable

Dear students, you must have observed from the above design that biology is the most important part of the overall test. Also, it contains the highest number of MCQs (68 questions/32%). If we look at the syllabus of Biology, we will find 13 content topics that would need to be prepared within a month.

  1. Bio-diversity (acellular life/variety of life)
  2. Bio-energetic
  3. Biological molecules
  4. Cell structure and function
  5. Coordination and control/nervous & chemical coordination
  6. Diversity among animals
  7. Enzymes
  8. Evolution
  9. Life process in animals and plants (nutrition/gaseous exchange/ transport)
  10. Prokaryotes
  11. Reproduction
  12. Support and movement
  13. Variation and genetics/inheritance

Let us have a look at the timetable below of 30 days that will provide you with the best roadmap to crack the MDCAT.

Look, you have 13 topics to prepare in a month. It would be a very good criterion if you prepare one topic in two days. There is a total of 30 days where 13 topics would take 26 days of the month. Each week, you have to prepare 3 topics whereas one of your weeks should adjust for 4 topics. Keep the rest of the four days for revision. We will tell you how you can revise your topics in these four days in the last portion. The tabular form of the above procedure would look like this:

[table id=15 /]

MDCAT Chemistry Timetable

Chemistry is the longest portion of all. It contains 19 content topics to prepare. Here, you have to study it in an optimal time and fast manner because there are a lot of topics to prepare for. Remember, this is the second essential part after Biology. So, use your time gently to prepare in a month. A portion of Chemistry contains 56 MCQs (26.55%). The list of the topics of chemistry is shown below.

  1. Introduction to fundamental concepts of chemistry
  2. Atomic structure
  3. Gases
  4. Liquids
  5. Solids
  6. Chemical equilibrium
  7. Reaction kinetics
  8. Thermo-chemistry and energetics of chemical reactions
  9. Electrochemistry
  10. Chemical bonding
  11. S and p block elements
  12. Transition elements
  13. Fundamental principles of organic chemistry
  14. Chemistry of hydrocarbons
  15. Alkyl halides
  16. Alcohols and phenols
  17. Aldehydes and ketones
  18. Carboxylic acids
  19. Macromolecules

Now you can see that you have to prepare almost a topic in a day. What we suggest is that you should prepare one topic in a day, and just briefly go through the next topic so that it becomes easy to study the next day. You would cover your content in 19 days in this way. The rest of the days should be kept for revision as it has a lot of things to prepare. Look at the timetable below and prepare accordingly.

[table id=17 /]

MDCAT Physics Timetable

Physics has equal importance to Chemistry. It contains 56 MCQs (26.5%). There are 13 topics to prepare in Physics. The list of topic names is given below.

  1. Force and motion
  2. Work and energy
  3. Rotational and circular motion
  4. Wave
  5. Thermodynamics
  6. Electrostatics
  7. Current electricity
  8. Electromagnetism
  9. Electromagnetic induction
  10. Electronics
  11. Dawn of modern physics
  12. Atomic spectra
  13. Nuclear physics

Again, prepare one topic in two days, and keep the rest of the four days for revision.

[table id=18 /]

MDCAT English Timetable

The English portion is all about the command you have in the English language. It is going to be a medium throughout your medical studies. There are six important areas of English that you need to practice in 30 days.

  1.  Comprehend key vocabulary
  2. Demonstrate control of tenses and sentence structure
  3. Demonstrate ability to differentiate between the correct and incorrect structure of sentences & Use of writing conventions of spelling, capitalization, and Punctuation
  4. Demonstrate correct use of subject-verb agreement & of articles and prepositions
  5. Demonstrate ability to identify mistakes in sentences or short written texts. These errors could be of inappropriate word order, vocabulary, etc.
  6. Demonstrate ability to comprehend short written text and select the most appropriate responses

English is not like other subjects. Practicing all six areas of the English language every day would be considered the best strategy because most students lack English composition and comprehension skills. So, practice each module every day and get ready for the MDCAT within a month.

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MDCAT Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning questions evaluate the ability to analyze, evaluate, and complete arguments as they occur in ordinary language. The questions are based on short arguments drawn from a wide variety of sources. There Are six important areas that you would practice every day. It would be the best strategy if you practice all of them every day. The list is given below.

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Letter and symbol series
  3. Logical deduction
  4. logical problems
  5. Course of action
  6. Cause & effect


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