MBBS Final Year Books & Price

Here, Am going to list final year MBBS books, These books will cover the MBBS final year’s important points as well as quick revision for the examination.

MBBS is a tough course. You have to go through a lot of grinds to get your hands on the basic knowledge. It is the study where you are dealing with human life. Therefore, you have to be precise with books.

The final year is regarded as a tough time for the whole degree. In the final year, you have to go through seven subjects. In every subject, there is a typical book you have to read. This gives you all the information you need to pass the final exam.

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Medicine-Davidson Subject Books

Medicine is the major subject in the final year of MBBS. for medicine the ideal book is medicine. You have to go through the whole text in order to get your grip on the subject. In Davidson’s book of medicine, everything is displayed in detail.

You get to know the causes, symptoms, and management of the disease. After reading this book you get to know about every disease. In Davidson, there are sections for every system of the human body. These sections help you
understand every system properly and thoroughly.

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Therefore, Davidson is regarded as the best book for MBBS final year in medicine subject.

Surgery- Bayley, and Love Books

Surgery is another major subject you cannot ignore in the final year MBBS. there is general and systemic surgery. If you want to know the details thoroughly your book of choice is Bayley and Love.

It is beautifully written and everything is explained properly. You get to know the surgical interventions and protocols for every patient. In the general surgery section, everything is explained thoroughly.

The medicine and doses are mentioned so that you can learn everything. This is very helpful with multiple-choice questions. The knowledge provided will also help you in your postgraduate study. Therefore, for surgery, Bayley and Love are the books of choice.

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Books For Obstetrics and Gynecology- Ten teachers

Obstetrics and gynecology are important subjects in the final year. You are going to be a doctor and you should have basic knowledge. Ten teachers everything is written easily. It is very easy to read and learn. All the terms are explained thoroughly which is very helpful for the students.

Therefore, when going for gynecology and obstetrics, Ten teachers are the best choice. Separate books are available for both subjects. At the end of every chapter, some cases will help you to review your knowledge. It is very helpful for short essay questions.

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Book Of Pediatrics- Pervaiz Akbar

In the final year, MBBS pediatrics can never be ignored. It is a whole separate section of MBBS. you have to learn pediatrics if you want to be a good doctor. In Pervaiz Akbar, everything is written in detail.

Every disease is explained step by step which is very helpful. The whole treatment plan and diagnosis chart help you to review your knowledge. It is a beautifully written book that will help you reproduce good answers for the short essay questions in the final exam. It is easy to learn and revise.

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