How To Prepare for MDCAT Logical Reasoning

Are you looking for the best guide on how to prepare for MDCAT logical reasoning?

Many students ask this question before appearing in the MDCAT examination. It is an aptitude test that measures the ability of students to think logically and critically.

MDCAT, or the Medical College Admission Test, is a standardized test used to assess applicants to medical school. The logical reasoning section of the MDCAT measures your ability to analyze and understand complex arguments.

The questions in this test are designed to measure your problem-solving skills and your ability to reason logically. To score well on this test, you need to prepare thoroughly.

This blog post will discuss how you can Prepare MDCAT Logical Reasoning.

How To Prepare for MDCAT Logical Reasoning: Prep Tips and Strategies

It is also helpful to familiarize yourself with the types of questions typically asked in MDCAT logical reasoning. This way, you will know what to expect and can better focus your preparation on the areas that you need to work on the most.

Logical reasoning is the simplest section of MDCAT, and with proper practice, you can score 10 out of 10 in this section.

MDCAT aspirants have to use their brainpower to understand the critical concepts of the human body, and logical reasoning questions will test their ability to think critically and solve problems.

And you won’t be able to grasp those critical concepts unless you have a sharp mind and deep-thinking abilities.
That’s why it is essential to focus on honing your problem-solving skills when preparing for MDCAT.

Here are 8 strategies that will help you prepare for MDCAT logical reasoning:

1. Prepare from MDCAT Past Paper

Past papers are important for exams because they provide students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the exam format and question types. You must order the past papers of MDCAT in order to prepare for MDCAT for a better score.

Additionally, studying past papers can help students identify patterns and trends in the questions that are asked, allowing them to better prepare for what they may encounter on the test.

Finally, working through past papers can help students build confidence and improve their time management skills, both of which are critical for success on exams.

2. Get MDCAT Syllabus

A syllabus is basically an outline and summary of topics to be covered in an examination or course. It therefore provides students with direction and focus while studying for exams. For a better score on the MDCAT, you can download the MDCAT syllabus here.  

Here are three reasons why the syllabus is important for MDCAT preparation for logical reasoning:

1) The MDCAT syllabus acts as a guide for students, telling them which topics need to be studied and how much emphasis should be placed on each topic. This ensures that students use their time efficiently and do not waste time studying unnecessary topics.

2) The MDCAT syllabus also allows students to identify any gaps in their knowledge so that they can focus on these areas before the exam. This will help them feel more prepared and confident when sitting for the exam.

3) Having a clear understanding of the syllabus also makes it easier for students to revise effectively. They can identify the key points that need to be memorized and focus on these during their revision period. This will help them maximize their chances of success in the exam.

Thus, it is clear that the syllabus plays a vital role in exams and should be given due importance by students. Those who neglect the syllabus often find themselves at a disadvantage during exams, so it is crucial to make use of this important resource.

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3. Focus on MDCAT Style Questions

One of the best ways to prepare for MDCAT logical reasoning is to practice with MDCAT-style questions.

There are many resources available online that provide MDCAT-style questions. When studying for MDCAT logical reasoning, it is important to focus on understanding the concepts rather than memorizing facts and details.

Try to understand how the concepts work and how they can be applied to different situations.
And don’t forget to review your answers after each practice session and identify areas for improvement.

When taking MDCAT practice tests, it is important to simulate the actual MDCAT environment as much as possible. This means taking the practice quizzes under timed conditions and in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.

4. Watch Video Lectures

There are separate video lectures designed to help students acquire a thorough understanding of such topics as critical thinking, logical deduction, cause and effect, logical problems, courses of action, and the Letter and Symbol series.

YouTube videos are the most advantageous in this regard since they will also provide step-by-step instructions on how to solve the logical reasoning questions that appeared on previous MDCAT exams.

In case you cannot understand these videos, you may also seek assistance from other YouTube videos.

5. Practicing Quizzes

To score well in MDCAT logical reasoning, you need to practice as many quizzes as possible.

This will help you get used to the structure and format of the questions, and you’ll be able to identify the key concepts that you need to focus on.

When you’re practicing, make sure to focus on the MDCAT concepts so that you can deepen your understanding of them.
By doing this, you’ll be better prepared to answer questions on the actual test.

Use MDCAT Practice Tests: MDCAT practice tests are one of the best ways to prepare for MDCAT logical reasoning. By taking these tests, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that will be asked on the actual MDCAT test.

By taking multiple MDCAT practice tests, you will be able to improve your speed and accuracy in answering MDCAT questions.
This can also be done online through the different websites for its preparation.

While practicing Quizzes you must Understand the Question Types: There are four main types of MDCAT logical reasoning questions:

  •  Assumption questions
  • Inference questions
  •  Justification questions
  •  Flawed argument questions

By understanding the question types, you will be able to better prepare for MDCAT logical reasoning.

For example, if you know that assumption questions will be asked on the MDCAT test, you can focus your studies on practicing this type of question.

You must also know the MDCAT format and its syllabus: The MDCAT test is divided into two sections:

  • Verbal reasoning

Where questions based on images are asked for instance,

There may be mirror images or construction-based images in the question, and the candidate will be expected to find figures that are similar or dissimilar. A sample question can be found below.

There can be puzzle questions as well

Seating arrangements and arranging dates, months, places, and people in different formats fall into this category. These types of questions can be generated by the computer using the database. This will occur during the test.

For Instance,

Furthermore, questions in sequences are also asked;

For instance, a series or sequence of people/numbers/alphabets, etc. may be provided, and questions may be asked based on the same. Here is a sample image.

  • Quantitative reasoning

It involves the understanding of mathematical facts and concepts and subsequently applying them to real-life situations.

Anyhow, Within each section, there are a number of sub-sections.

For its logical reasoning, you will be tested on your ability to understand and analyze arguments.

The logical reasoning section will consist of 24 questions, which must be completed within 30 minutes.

Practice with MDCAT Sample Questions

Moreover,   to taking MDCAT practice tests, it is also helpful to practice with MDCAT sample questions.

By doing so, you will become more familiar with the types of questions that may be asked on the MDCAT test.
In addition, practicing with MDCAT sample questions will help improve your speed and accuracy in answering MDCAT questions.
Understand the Concepts

MDCAT logical reasoning is all about understanding and analyzing arguments.

Therefore, it is important to have a strong understanding of the concepts that are tested in this section.

Some of the concepts that you will need to know for MDCAT logical reasoning include:

  •  Identifying premises and conclusions
  • Recognizing assumptions
  • Identifying flaws in arguments
  • Analyzing arguments

6.Prepare through MDCAT Notes

The best way to prepare for MDCAT logical reasoning is by practicing with different sources and materials. You can find many MDCAT books that focus specifically on this section, so make use of them.

So, MDCAT books can also be used when preparing for MDCAT logical reasoning. Make sure to select a book that covers the material in-depth and is written by an expert in the field.

Our top recommendation would be the Logical Reasoning Book by Kips Institute. According to the curriculum for the PMC MDCAT Logical Reasoning section, it is correct.

This book contains almost all of the tricks to solving the reasoning questions, along with a substantial amount of MCQs you can utilize to practice and prepare for MDCAT logical Reasoning.

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7. Prepare With MDCAT Flashcards

Preparation for MDCAT logical reasoning can be done from MDCAT flashcards as they provide an excellent way to revise key concepts quickly and effectively.

Go through the MDCAT flashcards multiple times: Once you have gone through all the MDCAT logical reasoning cards, go through them again.

This will help embed the concepts in your mind and also allow you to identify any areas that need further revision.

Anyhow, MDCAT flashcards can be used to focus on specific areas that need improvement. For example, if you find that you struggle with identifying logical fallacies, you can create a stack of MDCAT cards that focus on this topic.

Then, whenever you have some spare time, you can go through the stack of cards and focus on those particular areas that you want to improve.

Organize MDCAT flashcards into different categories so that you can focus on specific areas during revision.

For example, you could have a set of cards for MDCAT biology, another set for MCDT chemistry, etc.

Highlight important information: Use highlighters or colored pens to draw attention to important points on MDCAT flashcards.

This will help you identify key concepts more easily when revising.

8. Take A Practice Test Online For MCQs.

When taking MDCAT practice tests, it is important to focus on accuracy rather than speed. Rushing through MDCAT questions will not only decrease your chances of getting the correct, but you can do incorrect answers in a rush. offers online MDCAT preparation at home in addition to free practice MCQs in logical reasoning.

In your final days of preparation, avoid using YouTube or books. Instead, it would be best if you focused on completing full-length mock tests.

The purpose of a mock test is to allow you to analyze how much time you spend on each question of Logical Reasoning and overall the test.
Past Papers

These logical reasoning papers are released every year by the officials.

MDCAT aspirants can use these papers to get an idea about the format of the examination and the type of questions asked.
Practicing with these papers will help you understand how to approach the questions and will also improve your time management skills.

Aspirants must go through all the MDCAT logical reasoning papers released to date and solve them within the given time frame.

This will not only help you assess your preparation level but will also give you the required confidence on the day of the exam. MDCAT aspirants must also attempt as many mock tests as possible to get the hang of solving questions under pressure.

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Bonus Tips

  • Focus on understanding the concepts rather than memorizing them.
  • Explain why this is important
  • Practice with friends or classmates to get different perspectives on questions.
  • Write about the benefits of practicing with others
  • Take practice quizzes under timed conditions to simulate the MDCAT test environment.
  • Offer advice on how to take practice quizzes effectively
  • Review your answers after each practice session and identify areas for improvement.
  • Emphasize the importance of reviewing answers and identifying weaknesses
  • Stay positive and don’t
  • Another way to prepare for MDCAT logical reasoning is to read MDCAT-style passages.
  • In addition to using existing MDCAT flashcards, try creating your own.
  • Practice tests


It is important to understand that the MDCAT test is not just a memory recall exercise. In order to do well in logical reasoning, you need to have strong analytical skills.

The best way to develop these skills is by practicing MDCAT-style questions. Additionally, attending video lectures and taking quizzes can also help improve your logical reasoning skills.

Furthermore, studying from MDCAT notes and flashcards can help you memorize key concepts more effectively.

Finally, taking a practice test online will help you identify areas where you need improvement.
By following these tips, you can be sure to ace the MDCAT logical reasoning section!

We hope this article was helpful in guiding your MDCAT preparation.
Please feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below if you have any questions.


1. Why can I fail the MDCAT logical reasoning section?

There are a few key reasons that can lead to failure when preparing MDCAT logical reasoning, for example: lack of focus and concentration, lack of understanding of the concepts and inability to solve problems.

2. How can I improve my MDCAT logical reasoning?

Few tips to improve MDCAT logical reasoning are to improve focus and concentration by practicing meditation or mindfulness, understand the concepts by reading MDCAT logical reasoning books and taking MDCAT prep courses and solve MDCAT practice problems to improve problem-solving skills.

Q3. What are some MDCAT resources for logical reasoning?

There are a number of MDCAT resources for logical reasoning, including MDCAT prep books and MDCAT prep courses. MDCAT practice problems are also a great way to improve logical reasoning skills.

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