List Of Nursing Colleges In Islamabad

Here is the List of Nursing Colleges In Islamabad. This is the complete updated list of all institutions. The list is divided into Public Sector & Private Sector.

List of Government Nursing Colleges

  • College of Nursing, PIMS (BSN. Generic & Post RN )
  • School of Nursing, PIMS (BSN. Generic)
  • College of Nursing, FGPC (BSN. Generic)

List of Private Sector Nursing Colleges

  • Rawal College of Nursing (BSN. Generic & Post rn)
  • Islamabad College of Nursing (BSN. Generic & Post RN)
  • Bashir Institute of Nursing (BSN. Generic & Post RN)
  • Pak Institute of Health Sciences (BSN. Generic & Post Rn)
  • AMAN Medical Institute (BSN. Generic)
  • NCS Institute of Sciences (BSN. Generic)
  • Foundation University, Islamabad
  • Ripah international Univerity
  • Shifa Tameer e Millat Univerity
  • Isra University
  • Edworld College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences
  • Aman Medical Institute
  • Bashir Institute Of Nursing

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