Top Nursing Colleges in Pakistan [Admission]

Nursing admission is open now. Here are the top Nursing Colleges in Pakistan. Nursing is an honorable and fast-growing profession in Pakistan. The demand for nurses all over the world is high with attractive salaries.

In Pakistan, nursing is a very fast-paced career more than any other profession. While, many institutions in Pakistan are offering different nursing programs, from Nursing diplomas to degree programs.

Pakistan universities offer a Diploma in Post Basic Specialties and educate the nursing students and faculty to complete the challenges by playing a vital role in the health care system.

The educational institution from where you acquire your knowledge and skills is a main contributing factor in career opportunities.

So before getting admission please have a look at the list of Top 10 Best Nursing Schools in Pakistan. Nurses are the backbone of the health care system.

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Nursing Admission In Pakistan

Admission is open in the Nursing Colleges, in the Following Courses.

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • 4 Years Generic BSc. Nursing (Degree Program)
  • 2 Years Post RN BSc. Nursing (Degree program)
  • 1-year Fast track BSN (Degree Program)
  • 2 Years MSc. Nursing

Note:- Diploma in Nursing (3 years) program closed by Pakistan Nursing Council.

Nursing admission

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for Nursing Diploma Program, Certified Nursing Assistant.

  • FSc (Pre-Medical) with 50% marks
  • Matric Science with 55% Marks
  • Age Limit 14-35

Eligibility Criteria for Nursing Degree Program.

  • FSc (Pre-medical) withy 50% marks
  • Age limit 14-35

For Post Nursing (2 year Degree program)

  • Matric Science
  • Dip. in Nursing
  • Dip. in Midwifery (any Post Basic Specialty for male in lieu of midwifery)
  • Experience: 02 years of clinical experience letter (Post experience of midwifery/specialty)
  • PNC Registration: Valid registration with all entries of professional qualifications
  • Gender Ration: Female 50% and Male 50%
  • NOC

List Of  Top Nursing Colleges in Pakistan

Note this article is purely based on the Author’s Research. All these nursing colleges in our list are recognized by the Pakistan Nursing Council and considered as best for nursing education.

  1. School of Nursing and Midwifery Aga Khan University – Karachi
  2. Institute of Nursing Dow University of Health Sciences – Karachi
  3. Ziauddin College of Nursing – Karachi
  4. Shifa Colleges of Nursing – Islamabad
  5. University of Health Sciences – Lahore
  6. Lahore School of Nursing – Lahore
  7. KMU Institute of Nursing Sciences – Peshawar
  8. Rehman College of Nursing – Peshawar
  9. Jinnah College of Nursing – Karachi
  10. Baqai College of Nursing – Karachi

School of Nursing and Midwifery Aga Khan University Karachi

Aga Khan School of Nursing & Midwifery is a pioneer in the nursing profession in Pakistan. Established in 1980, it was the first nursing school affiliated with a university. Nursing school is offering 2 Years MSc. Nursing, 4 Years Generic BSc. Nursing, 2 Year Post RN BSc. Nursing.

BSN known as a best from all aspects i.e. research, curriculum, faculty, practice, administration and considered as a template for all other nursing institutions in Pakistan.

Its purpose is to educate nurses to provide the best health care in hospitals and communities and to enhance the leadership qualities in the nursing profession.

Institute of Nursing Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi

Dow University started the Institute of Nursing in 2006 and now offering nursing education in four different disciplines including MSc. Nursing, Generic BSc. Nursing and Post-RN BSc. Nursing.

In the beginning, the renovated building was used, now a new double-story building has been constructed.

Highly qualified faculty members are appointed and guest faculty from abroad and Aga Khan University also visit to educate and train the students of Dow Institute of Nursing.

Ziauddin College of Nursing, Karachi

Ziauddin College of Nursing was established in 1986 with the PNC recognition and accepted at the college level in 2009. The college offers various graduate and undergraduate programs with a well-known national and international reputation.

College aimed to train nurses with advanced studies and expertise to meet the challenges of health care concerning the families and communities.

Shifa College of Nursing

Shifa College of Nursing started in 2004 with the dedication of quality, discipline and hard work to serve humanity with great responsibility. It is one of the best nursing colleges in Pakistan offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

Working for the betterment of nursing students and faculty members with a tremendous devotion to preparing nursing practitioners and leaders for the international level.

University of Health Sciences, Lahore

Started in 2002, UHS is a very dynamic, internationally and nationally recognized (by HEC, PNC) research university with 71 colleges and more than 50,000 students.

University is offering 4 year generic BSc. Nursing and 2 Years Post RN BSc. Nursing in Shalamar Nursing College, Lahore.

University has also offered an MSc. in Nursing since 2008 in the pursuit of a doctoral degree. The mission is to promote emerging technologies and neglected. UHS Admission is open Now.

Lahore School of Nursing

Lahore School of Nursing started in 2010 under the supervision of the principal and in the presence of some sincere faculty members. Till 2016 many students have passed their graduation and working in diverse fields of different hospitals and communities.

No doubt, its beginning was a splendid milestone in the field of nursing in Punjab. Lahore School of Nursing is offering 4 years generic BSc. Nursing and 2 Years Post RN BSc. Nursing.

KMU Institute of Nursing Sciences

Khyber Medical University is a public sector offering 4 years of BSc. Nursing, 2 Years Post RN BSc. Nursing and MSc. Nursing. It is also a well-reputed nursing college in KPK province working for learning opportunities. Its top priority is to surround all health elements from all aspects.

Rehman College of Nursing

Rehman College of Nursing is a supreme teaching institute that offers admission to a fixed number of students recommended by KMU. It offers a Generic BSc. Nursing, Post RN BSc. Nursing and LPN.

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Jinnah College of Nursing

Jinnah College of Nursing started from Medicare the school of nursing in 1997 and started Jinnah Nursing College in 2009 at Jinnah Medical and Dental College. It is offering Generic BSc. Nursing, Post RN, General Nursing Diploma and post-Basic Specialization.

It is affiliated with Ziauddin University and its mission is to prepare those students who want to pursue careers in nursing

Baqai College of Nursing

Baqai Medical University started the General Nursing Diploma in 1986 and now offers 4 Years of BSc. Nursing and 2 Years Post RN programs. The mission is to provide nursing education at international standards.

This is the complete Nursing admission 2024 in Pakistan, With Top Nursing Colleges in Pakistan. you can ask a question in the comment box. I will reply to you.


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