List Medical Colleges in Balochistan [Updated 2024]

An applicant for enrollment to MBBS or BDS must achieve a good score on the entry test conducted by the Pakistan Medical Commission every year. In all provinces of Pakistan, there are several well-reputed public and private medical colleges where students can pursue their medical degrees.

For admission to medical colleges, MDCAT is mandatory. MDCAT Registration will be open on 25th May. Register yourself for admission to medical colleges in Pakistan.

Balochistan has a limited number of medical colleges, and medical aspirants attend private medical colleges in Punjab and Sindh provinces because cross-province places are scarce. Balochistan’s government intends to build new medical colleges to address the province’s health and well-being demands.

Here is a list of medical colleges in Balochistan in which you can get admission if you have got good grades in matric, FSC pre-medical, and PMC entry tests.

Publich Medical Colleges in Balochistan

There are just 4 public medical colleges in Balochistan:

Bolan Medical College in Quetta

This is the most famous government medical college in Balochistan and most of the students aspire to get admission to this institute. Bolan Medical College also has a digital library for BMC students which they use to have access to thousands of medical-related books easily. Also, the Bolan Medical College has 5 hostels for students coming from far cities to Bolan to pursue their medical studies.

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Both MBBS and BDS aspirants can get admission here as they have a completely separate setup for dental studies.

Seats in Bolan Medical College 

The total number of seats for Balochistan students is:

  • 10 provincial merit seats
  • 124 district-wise merit seats
  • 7 zonal merit seats (1 for each division)
  • 18 seats for disabled and minority students

Loralai Medical College in Loralai

Another one of the best medical colleges in Balochistan is located in Loralai city known as Loralai Medical College.

Mekran Medical College in Mekran

Mekran Medical College (MMC) is a government medical institute in Turbat, Balochistan, Pakistan.  The PMC recently recognized MMC as one of the medical colleges of the University of Balochistan.  MMC has 500 enrolments in the MBBS program, including clinical rotations taking place at the Hospital of Turbat’s District Headquarters.  The academic staff works in both basic and clinical scientific disciplines. MMC has a full-time staff that includes lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors, and professors.

Jhalawan Medical College in Jhalawan

The Jhalawan Medical College in Khuzdar intends to be the country’s leading medical school in the twenty-first century. The JMC Khuzdar will be a governmental leader in medical teaching and learning, studies, and patient care, known for encouraging and uplifting its students and faculty to pursue their passions for exploration, healing, and life, as well as for its capacity to establish partnerships that will transform medical training, healthcare and education, and research.

MBBS Seats in Mekran, Jhalwan, and Loralai Medical Colleges

  • There are 32 MBBS seats for these colleges (1 seat is reserved for the students belonging to each of the 32 districts of Balochistan)
  • 2 seats for MBBS for provincial open merit
  • 5 seats for MBBS (1 seat from each division of Balochistan. The host and the special division are not included in this)
  • 3 seats for MBBS students of the host division (like for students in Makran in Mekran Medical College)
  • 2 seats for the MBBS student of a special division
  • For Dual National Baluch students having Gulf or Iranian passports, there are 2 MBBS seats for them.
  • 1 MBBS seat is reserved for the Disabled and 1 is for the Minority

Private Medical Colleges in Balochistan

There is just one private medical college in the province of Balochistan, Pakistan; Quetta Institue of Medical Sciences, located in Quetta. There is a total of 100 MBBS seats reserved for medical aspirants in the Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences.

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What are the criteria for admission to medical colleges in Balochistan?

  • Matric/ O level/ 10th score ( 10%)
  • FSc Pre Medical / A level / 12th score ( 40%)
  • Entry Test / MDCAT / SAT II score ( 50%)

It is the same as any other government medical college in Pakistan.

How many medical colleges are in Balochistan?

There are a total of 5 medical colleges in Balochistan;

  • Bolan Medical College
  • Mekran Medical College
  • Loralai Medical College
  • Jhalawan Medical College
  • Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences (Private)

Bottom Line

So, this is it for now. Here is the list of medical colleges in Balochistan. The colleges are few but their spirits are high and visions are clear. Moreover, the government should give attention to Balochistan and should develop more medical colleges there. So, that everyone can complete their medical dreams there.

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