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Medical Colleges In Karachi [With fee Structure]

Being a doctor can be the honourable profession. The cost of medical colleges in Pakistan can be a huge barrier for students.average fee for private medical colleges in Karachi is 700,000Pkr.The average fee for Government sector medical colleges in 50,00.

Here is the complete detail of medical college in Karachi. Private medical colleges in Karachi are affordable as compare to Punjab. In Punjab and Islamabad, medical colleges fee is approx 8.5lac Pkr.if you want to get admission in best medical colleges, this article is for you.

This Article, you will get complete guide and information about.

  • List of Medical Colleges in Karachi (Complete List)
  • List of Government Sector Medical College, Karachi
  • List of Private Sector Medical Colleges

Medical colleges In Karachi

The total number of medical colleges in Karachi is  17. out of 17, 4 are government (Public Sector) medical colleges.13 medical colleges are private, with different fee structure. Here is complete detail about these colleges. In this articles, all colleges are recognized by Pakistan medical and dental council as well as world health organization (WHO).


Government (Public) Sector Medical Colleges In Karahi

The number of government medical colleges in Karahi is 4. Here is the complete list.

  • Dow Medical College, Karachi
  • Shaheed Benazir Medical College, Lyari
  • Sindh Medical College, Karachi
  • Karachi Medical and dental college

Fee Structure

These medical colleges are govt. owned. The average fee structure for government sector medical colleges, Karachi is  50,00-100,000 Per anum. if you have any question regarding fee structure, drop your question in the comment in comment box. we feel happy to help you. within 30mintues we will reply to your comment.


Private Medical colleges In Karachi

As already mentioned, Number of private sector medical colleges, in the city of lights karachi, is 13. Here is the complete list of private medical colleges.

  • The Agha Khan Medical college
  • Baqai Medical College
  • Hamdard College of medicine and dentistry
  • Jinnah medical and dental college, Karachi
  • Sir Syed College of medical sciences, (only for girls)
  • Ziauddin Medical College
  • Liaquat National Medical College
  • Bahria university medical and dental college
  • Al-Tibri Medical College
  • Liaquat College of medicine and dentistry
  • United medical and dental college
  • Karachi Institute of medical sciences

Fee Structure of Private Medical college

In Karachi, agha khan medical college is costly, united medical and dental college is fee is low. approx. private sector medical colleges in Karachi free range 6.5lac-7.5lac per anum. select medical college wisely according to your,

  1. Your Marks
  2. Your Budget

Admission Procedure

Don’t waste your money, an application fee of medical colleges. select 3,5 appropriate colleges in above list, and apply. Many new students waste a lot of money in the application process of different medical colleges. be wise your money and time is important.we are here for your help if you have any question Contact Us. You can also comment. we reply to each and every comment.

we know the way, we show the way

we already write an article about medical colleges in Multan. karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan. Private medical colleges of Karachi are best and affordable. If you want to get admission in public sector medical colleges of Karachi. You must have domicile of Sindh.

Still, You have any question, Comment your question.



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