3rd Year MBBS Books In Pakistan (Subject Wise)

Here are the Recommended books for 3rd year MBBS Pakistan subject-wise.

MBBS is one of the toughest bachelor courses. It is a degree of five years with each year having selected subjects. In the first two years, there are basic subjects while during the next years, there are other special subjects.

3rd-year MBBS has four subjects. In MBBS the syllabus is diverse and you do not have to study from the specified book. Some topics are well-written in a certain book while others are in another book. Therefore, the current guidance about books is necessary. If you want to learn the basics of every subject and get a good grip on the subject, a wise selection of books is needed. Following is the subject-wise list of the books for 3rd-year MBBS.

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Here is the list of subjects

  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology & Microbiology
  • Forensics
  • Behaviour Sciences

Pharmacology Books

It is the subject where drugs are studied. You study the mechanism of action, interaction, indications, and contraindications of drugs. Here are the recommended books for the preparation of pharmacology.

Katzung basic and clinical pharmacology (Mini)

This book is also known as Mini Kat among the students. It is a comprehensive book with all the required details. There is a chapter-wise division according to the classes of the drugs that are done.

Each unit contains certain chapters specifying all the drugs under that class. For instance, there is a unit called the central nervous system, which contains 11-12 chapters with all the drugs related to central nervous system diseases. The alignment of this book is very easy to study.

There are tables at the end of each chapter that help the students to revise. Moreover, there are MCQs at the end of each chapter. These prove very helpful in professional exams.

Lippincott’s Illustrated reviews

This is another famous book that is known to every medical student. The same author has a biochemistry book which was also very helpful. The specialty of this book is its illustrations and diagrams. It is very easy to study, understand, and remember. In pharmacology, there is a lot of earning. You have to learn the drugs by heart and their mechanism of action.

It becomes very difficult when you have to pick the information from long paragraphs. In this book, some boxes and diagrams help to remember things. In this way, this subject is made easy. All the topics can be covered in this book.

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology by KD Tripathi

If you want to clear concepts about this subject this is your magic book. Everything is written in a way that you understand very well. You can easily understand how the drugs work. Some students find it lengthy and hard to memorize but once you build your concepts with it you can learn after making pointers. Although pharmacology includes a lot of cramming still the concept is needed. And this book will help you go through that.

Pathology and Microbiology Books

It is considered the toughest subject of the 3rd year MBBS. In the 3rd year, you just have to study general pathology.

Robbins Basic pathology

It is the top-recommended book to study general pathology. You can, later on, study special pathology in 4th year from the same book. This makes it an ideal choice for both years of MBBS. the most attractive thing about this book is the diagrams which help in learning. These diagrams help the students to understand the morphology. Such diagrams are also very helpful in OSPE during professional exams. There is also the Big Robbins edition. But the recommended one is medium Robbins as it is easy to read and understand.

Essentials of Medical Microbiology

Microbiology is a diverse subject including many sub-domains. Virology is considered a tough one. The Essentials of Microbiology by Paniker is a recommended book. It makes understanding easy and learning efficient.

Clinical Microbiology

Clinical microbiology by Mark Glad has also made things easier. It presents the organisms with clinical scenarios that help the students remember all the essentials. The syllabus for each year of MBBS is lengthy. Therefore books that make learning easy are recommended to students for preparation for professional exams.


Handbooks and short books are always the keys when it comes to revision. Pathoma is a short book for pathology. It helps to revise the main points which are very important for viva and MCQs. It is recommended to study from textbooks and after that, the revision can be done from handbooks within a short time. Time is money when you are preparing for professionals. Therefore, the guidance and choice of books should be authentic.

Forensics Books

Forensics is also an interesting subject of 3rd-year MBBS. the following books should be studied for good concepts and exam preparation:

Naseeb R Awan

The book written by Naseeb R Awan is regarded as the main textbook for forensics. It has tables and pinpoints that help the students to remember different points and figures. The selection of the book is based on how easy it makes the subject for you by giving the required information. Naseeb R Awan is the prime choice for students.

Review of forensic medicine and toxicology

The above-mentioned book does not appreciate toxicology. This is also a major share of the subject. Thu book by Gautam Biswas explains all the domains quite clearly. It has knowledge organized in a brief way. The understanding is well and it is easy to learn. There are no long paragraphs and every topic is mentioned including a separate section of toxicology.

Parikh’s textbook of forensic medicine

It is another famous book among MBBS students. The students who like to have extra knowledge about the subject tend to study this book. It includes law, forensic medicine, and toxicology in detail. Although it is not recommended as a textbook for the subject still it is helpful in building the concepts. It helps to understand the law implemented in forensic medicine quite deeply.

Behavioral sciences Books

Behavioral sciences is also an interesting subject and the following books should be studied for it:

Behavioral Sciences in Medical Practice

BS is a general subject but its relation with medicine is very close. This book links both sections. Work ethics and patient consent are beautifully explained. It is very important to duty the right book for this subject as it will help you a lot in future practice. There are few topics that are important regarding behavior and medicine. All of them are covered in this book.

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Introduction to behavioral science in medicine

This book by Robert Cason is a good book to read and understand the concept. The professional exam for this subject is also very simple. But basics should be learned and implemented. This helps to build a strong moral character in medical practice.

Behavioral science in medicine by Barbara Fadeem

This book by Barbara Fadeem is also recommended book. It covers all the major topics related to medicine and explains every point well. It is not a lengthy book therefore, it is easy for students to study. Although the topics are vast the writer explains the main highlights and encourages efficient learning. The tables and flowcharts help to remember the important parts. Learning and understanding with such tactics are always good for the students. The cycles and flow charts help to memorize the topic easily. The students always select such books for studying because it saves time.

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3rd-year MBBS is considered a tough year during the whole course. The subjects are new and difficult to understand. Therefore, the selection of books at this point is very important. Every subject is never studied from a single book. The student always needs to consult 2-3 books to cover all the topics. Hence, this list of books will surely help to get a good grip on all the subjects. Instead of wasting time reading long textbooks, it is smart to get good guidance.

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