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NLE Exam Pakistan [PMC Syllabus & Preparation]

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PMC NLE Exam is compulsory either you study in Pakistan or any other country. NLE stands for the National Licensing examination by Pakistan Medical Council.

All those graduates who are currently in house jobs or will appear in house jobs can do house job without NLE but after the completion, the house job must clear the National Licensing Examination to get permanent registration.

NLE Step 1 date: 20-27 August. Pass marks 70%. Can be taken from centers outside Pakistan as well.

  1. The first NLE will be conducted in August for Foreign graduates.
  2. 2nd NLE will be conducted somewhere around Nov-Dec, and local graduates will also be allowed to give this 2nd NLE.
  4. NLE will be conducted a minimum of 2 times and up to 4 times annually.
  5. The syllabus of NLE for MBBS graduates is finalized while that of BDS graduates will be finalized later.

PMC NLE Examination

Students can move for the foreign to Pakistan, After completing the 2 years of the degree.

  1. The authority shall at least twice a year as per schedule approved by the Council conduct the NEB to
    assess and oversee the assessment of the knowledge, clinical skills, and professional
    attributes of students who have partially completed a medical and dental program in
    a foreigner institution and are seeking transfer to and admission in a medical or dental
    college in Pakistan.
  2. Any student who has been enrolled in a medical or dental institution or college outside Pakistan and has completed more than two years of the program may seek transfer and admission to a medical or dental college in Pakistan subject to qualifying the relevant standard of the NEB for the prescribed period of each program of study pursuant to which the student shall be qualified to obtain admission in the immediately subsequent year.
  3. A student shall be required to take the NEB within twelve months of having left his program of study outside Pakistan in order to be eligible for admission to a medical or dental college in Pakistan.


NLE Exam Pakistan Syllabus

Here is the PMC NLE Syllabus, you can download PDF. These are the most important for preparation.

  1. DOC Prinzmetal Angina CCBs
  2. DOC Angina Pectoris B.B with nitrates
  3. DOC of CCF ACE/ARBs
  4. DIC Anaphylactic shock Adrenaline Post MI V.arrhythmias Amiodarone & procainamide (old concept lidocaine)
  5. HTN First line groupsĀ  Thiazide, ACE, CCBs
  6. SVT DOC Adenosine
  7. Rate controlling drugs for SVT , A.Fib, A.flutterB.B , CCBS & Digoxin
  8. WPW Syndrome DOC Ibutilide or Flecainide
  9. Post MI V.T > Amiodarone > Lidocaine
  10. New Group for CCF ARNI ( Sacubitril +Valsartan) effective like ACE
  11. Ranolazine if traditional antianginal ineffective
  12. Best thrombolytic in MIĀ  Tenectiplase > alteplase> streptokinase But treatment if the choice in STEMI PCI
  13. B.B r not contraindicated in D.M, Asthma, or COPD ( Except Active bronchospasm)
  14. Ischemia heart disease and HTN B.B & ACE

This exam conducted by Pakistan Medical Council PMC keeps visiting for the latest information. If you have any questions regarding the PMC do comment.


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