MDCAT Logical Reasoning Questions [Step to Solve MCQs]

This year PMDC changed the MDCAT paper pattern. Major change addition of the logical reasoning-based questions. Guidelines added in the MDCA Syllabus 2024.

Logical Reasoning Question Preparation Guide

This a guide on how to solve and practice the Logical reasoning question in MDCAT.

Steps To Solve Logical Reasoning-Based Questions

Listed below are some of the steps to solve Logical Reasoning questions and answers:

  1. Read and understand the information carefully.
  2. Analyze critical logical information.
  3. Think of all the possible solutions.
  4. Compare the answer obtained with other possibilities.
  5. Come to a correct logical conclusion.

The topics included in the logical reasoning section comprise the following four types of questions:

Verbal Questions

These types of questions can be solved verbally and no pen-paper solution is required. In MDCAT Paper 2021. Before answering this type of question, the Computer will provide a paragraph. The candidate will read the paragraph carefully and answer.

All questions will be asked from the provided paragraph. Type of question MCQs.

Image-Based Questions

Mirror images or paper construction-based images may be given in the question and candidates may be asked to find similar or dissimilar figures. Here is an example of this kind of question.

image based logical reasoning question

Puzzle Questions

This includes seating arrangement or arranging people/days/months/places, etc. in different formats. The computer will generate this kind of question from the database. During the Test.

An example is below.

logical reasoning puzzle

Sequence Questions

in such questions, a series or sequence of people/numbers/alphabets, etc. may be given and questions based on the same may be asked. An example is here in image format.

sequence logical reasoning

This article will help you to solve the MDCAT Logical Reasoning question. very soon MBBS.COM.Pk is going to add a practice section free. where you can practice mdcat questions. If you have questions related to this article please ask in a comment. we will help you as soon as possible.


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