mbbs in china latest guide 2018

MBBS In China [Guide For Pakistani Students]

Almost every Pakistani, Pre-medical student want to become a doctor. But high merit in medical colleges of Pakistan, And high fee structure of private sector medical college in Pakistan, they can not become a doctor. Here i will guide you how to get admission, Mbbs in China. This way you can turn your dream into reality.

If you want to get do mbbs in Pakistan, you need to have high marks in matric, intermediate and Entry test. This year more than 80,000 students will appear in MDCAT.

The total number of medical colleges in Pakistan is 108. each year 7 student can become doctor out of 100. it means the acceptance rate is only 7%.

Here in this article, you will get complete information about mbbs in China.

MBBS in China

Here, you will get complete guidelines, why you should do mbbs in China. this article will cover all information, From Selection of best medical college to admission and fee submission.

mbbs in china latest guide 2018

MBBS In China Application And Admission Process

  1. How to Apply mbbs in China
  2. Admission letter
  3. student visa (How to Get visa)
  4. Police Character certificate
  5. Attestation of educational Documents
  6. Visa Application
  7. Ticket to China
  8. Submit Fee
  9. Hostel Cost
  10. Total Cost for First-year MBBS in China
  11. PMDC Test Guidelines (After Completion of your MBBS)

How to Apply MBBS In China

Here is the step by step guide. Ho to apply and select a medical college in China.

  • Search Chines medical universities
  • we will help you in the selection of medical university WhatsApp (03047418334)
  • You cant apply directly for mbbs in China
  • Find Authentic Agent in your city
  • you Can Apply Trough us (03047418334)

As per as our information, you cant apply directly in any medical university. choice authentic agent in your city. Agent charge some fee like 5000-1000Pkr. An agent will responsible for all the matter related to mbbs in China.

if you apply through our platform mbbs .com.pk. our team will help you from the selection of medical university in China to till PMDC Test. our team consist of doctors who clear PMDC test recently. we will help you each and every matter in China.

Admission letter

this is the second step after selection of a medical university. apply for admission letter and jww2 form (Student visa). you need the scanned copy of following.

  1. Passport Size Photo
  2. Matriculation certificate and Detail marks sheet
  3. FSc (Pre-Medical) Certificate and Detailed Mark sheet
  4. Scanned Copy of your Passport

You need the original admission letter issued by your university and student visa form to apply for the visa in emmabsay in the Republic of China, Located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

All these steps will be told you by your agent as well as by our team member.

Apply for Police Certificate

This is the third step. Apply for a police certificate. For this purpose visit your police station. They will guide you through the Police certificate application process. Normally within a few days, police station issues police certificate.

You have complete three steps. if you have any question drop your comment. we will reply to your comment as soon as possible.

Attestation of Educational Documents

Get attestation you matric detailed mark sheet and fsc detailed mark sheet from your respective board of intermediate and secondary education, and attest from inter-board chairman commit Islamabad.

for attestation of documents, you can use TCS service.

This was the fourth step

Visa Application

Visa Application is the Fitih step. Here is brief information about visa application for mbbs in China. You need to apply to the embassy for the visa. you need following documents for visa application.

  1. Attested Degrees (Matriculation and Fsc)
  2. Police character Certificate issued by Police station
  3. Admission Letter (original)
  4. Jww2 Form (student visa form)
  5. An affidavit from your father guardian, That they will provide money for your education.
  6. Bank Statement


MBBS In China For Pakistani Students

China is our neighbour country. Pakistan China friendship is the example for the world. There are many benefits for Pakistani students in China. Travel to China by road is very cheap. due to CPEC Pakistan and China are very close friends. If you want to do mbbs abroad. your priority should be mbbs in China.

mbbs in china for pakistani students

Here is List of  benefits for Pakistani Students

Mbbs in China for Pakistani students is very beneficial, Here is the list of benefits and facilities for Pakistani students.

  • All chines universities off mbbs course in English
  • Age limit for MBBS in China is 18-24
  • Recognized Byword health organization
  • All Chinese universities are recognized by WHO
  • Recognized worldwide, China MBBS Degree Recognized worldwide
  • Country test, Like PMDC, USMLE are mandatory for Practice as a doctor
  • FSc Pre-Medical or o/level students can apply
  • Receive,  University Representative will Receive You
  • PMDC Recognization, No Medical university recognized By PMDC

PMDC Test After Completion of MBBS

After Completion of your MBBS in China, its mandatory to pass Pakistan medical and dental council test. After successful clear of PMDC Test. PMDC will issue a license. Now you can practice as a doctor in Pakistan.

if you want to practice in China. No test required. If you want to practice in the united state of America. you need to appear in USMLE.

After Completion of Pakistan medical and dental council test, you journey completed, But not ended. now your doctor officially.

Congratulations, Your Now doctor. if you have any question regarding PMDC Test. Comment below. I feel happy to help you. we charge nothing for help. so share this article on social media.

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