MDCAT Toppers 2023 [List With Interview]

Are you looking for MDCAT Toppers Lists with Accurate Information? You are in the right place.

MDCAT is a standardized test for admission to medical colleges in Pakistan. MDCAT Toppers Lists are available here with complete and accurate information. The top positions of MDCAT result 2023 Pakistan Medical Commission are shared here for the benefit of students.

It is a highly competitive exam, and the top positions are always keenly contested.

MDCAT is an entrance examination for medical students in Pakistan. It is conducted by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC).

 The examination is 3 hours long and consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. MDCAT is a prerequisite for admission to medical schools in Pakistan. 

The examination is widely considered to be one of the most difficult academic examinations in Pakistan. MDCAT is also a requirement for admission to postgraduate medical programs in Pakistan.

This is a highly competitive examination, and the competition for seats in medical schools is intense. 

MDCAT Toppers Lists are released by the PMDC after each examination.

 The Toppers Lists contain the names of the candidates who have scored the highest marks in MDCAT.

1. The List of Toppers Is Noteworthy

This is a valuable resource for students who are preparing for the MDCAT exams, as it provides them with an idea of what score they need to achieve in order to secure a place in a medical school.

 Additionally, the Toppers Lists can also be used as a reference point for students who are struggling in their MDCAT preparation, as they can see what score they need to improve in order to compete with the top students.

The Toppers Lists help students to see where they stand in relation to their peers, and they also provide motivation for students to do better in MDCAT.

The Toppers Lists are also a great way for medical schools to identify talented students. Medical schools in Pakistan use the Toppers Lists to recruit the best and brightest students from across the country.

2. MDCAT Toppers (Gold Medalists) Top Positions Details

The MDCAT is a highly competitive examination, and the topper lists are eagerly awaited by students, parents, and teachers alike.

 MDCAT Toppers lists for the year 2023 have been released by the Pakistan Medical Commission, and we have updated information regarding the top position holders in MDCAT.

Top Three National Positions Names

1st Position: MDCAT Topper’s List – Ayesha Aman (202/210)

2nd Position: MDCAT Topper’s List -Anmol Qamar (198/210)

3rd Position: MDCAT Topper’s List – Hadia Ahmad (197/210)

3. Regional Top Positions

The MDCAT exam is conducted by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) every year to determine eligibility for admission to medical colleges across the country. The MDCAT Toppers Lists for 2021 have been released, and we are sharing the top positions from each region.

Punjab: Ayesha Aman 


Quaid-e-Azam Divisional Public School & College, Gujranwala

Islamabad: Ahmed Sajjad Tareen


 Bahria College Islamabad

Sindh: Prakash Kumar 


Bahria College, NORE-1, MT Khan Rd, Karachi

KPK: Shayan Ahmad 


Cadet College Hassanabdal, District Attock

Balochistan: Aiman Anwar


 The City School, Quetta Campus Quetta

AJK: Sawda Aslam


Kashmir Model College, Mirpur

Gilgit Baltistan: Muhammad Mujtaba


Uswa College, Sihala Islamabad

4. Marks Range of MDCAT Test Takers in 2021(Statistics):

  • 0 – 36%: Fail
  • 37 – 60%: Pass
  • 61 – 100%: Pass with Distinction
PercentageScore RangeNumber of Students
2% TO 5%184-1782382
6% TO 10%177-1733527
11% TO 15%172-1694072
16% TO 20%168-1672342
21% TO 25%166-1643949
26% TO 30%163-1622991
31% TO 35%161-1594603
36% TO 40%158-1573391
41% TO 45%1561773
46% TO 50%155-1543648
51% TO 55%153-1523838
56% TO 60%151-1503844
61% TO 65%1491959
66% TO 70%148-1474007
71% TO 75%146-1454182
76% TO 80%1442163
81% TO 85%143-1424277
86% TO 90%1412229
91% TO 95%140-1394452
95% TO 100%138-1374552

5. Test-Takers Scored Range

  • – 75% of MDCAT test-takers scored between 180 and 210 marks.
  • – 25% of MDCAT test-takers scored below 180 marks.


1. What is the minimum score I need to pass the MDCAT test?

You need a score of at least 37percent in order to pass the exams

2. What are the benefits of using this list?

It is invaluable to students struggling with their MDCAT preparation, as they are able to see what they need to improve in order to compete with the top students. They also provide students with motivation to do better on the MDCAT.

3. What are the top scorers for the MDCAT in 2023?

 Ayesha Aman, Hadia Ahmad, and Anmol Qamar have achieved the top three spots in MDCAT in Lahore and Gujranwala. They scored 202, 198, and 197 points, respectively, out of 200 points. The students, parents, and teachers are extremely proud of achieving such a high ranking. 

This list will help candidates who are preparing for mdcat across the country.

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