MDCAT 2020 [Everything You Need To Know]

MBBS Admission Test (MDCAT 2020) Conducted By UHS. MDCAT Date is 9 August 2020. UHS will conduct a The Entry test Across Punjab. Same test for the Private as well as for Public Sector Medical Colleges.

UHS Also Aounce the Mbbs Date Sheet. So be Prepare yourself for MDCAT. 1st Step for your MDCAT 2020 Preparation is, Practice MDCAT Unit wise Past Papers. According to research more than 60% MCQs repeat from the Past Papers.

Every Pre-Medical Student wants to Become a Doctor. Are you want to become a great doctor?

Obviously answer will be yes, MDCAT is the first step of Medical College Admission. Secure your seat in MBBS you need extraordinary study strategy. In This Article, I will guide you on how to get maximum marks in MDCAT. Follow Prove MDCAT Preparation Study tips.

Now, PMDC is Back, The MDCAT will be held according to the Policies of PMDC.

 START MDCAT Preparation Today, Don’t Waste Your Time. START From UNIT Wise MDCAT Past Paper Book (Home Delivery).

VC Said, The Statement will clear your confusion, The Quick answer of your commonly asked question.

  • We, Cant, Cancel this examination
  • The procedure of Entry test might be change.
  • We Can conduct trough Online technology
  • Final decision will be share on

MDCAT 2020 Latest Changes

Medical And Dental Colleges Admission Latest Updates is

  1. The Admission Authority shall conduct annually on a date approved  By PDMC Entry Test Council and as per standard approved by the board, A Single admission test which shall be a mandatory requirement for the students seeking admission Medical or dental colleges in Pakistan.
  2. No Student shall be awarded a medical degree in Pakistan, Who has not passed the MDCAT Prior to Obtaining the admission.
  3. The admission to medical or dental programs conducted by Public sector medical college shall be regulated as per the policy of the provisional government.
  4. Criteria are 50% Fsc and 50% Entry Test.

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MDCAT Preparation Tips

Follow these tips to get High marks in MDCAT.

  • I always prefer to study from Text Books.
  • Self-study is a key factor to cope with the long syllabus in a short time.
  • Don’t mess up with these daily reforms, Every year such rumors rise. Don’t be impatient and Waite for the official notifications.
  • Write and learn the short listings and easy concept holding things that your entry test preparation teacher writes on board.
  • Freshers should not get confused and depress by the quick answering skill of Repeaters, and repeaters are suggested not to depress them by showing their quick replies and concepts.
  • Obviously there’s a hell of a difference btw studying for fs.c (cramming mindset) and studying for MCAT (Conceptual mindset).
  • Stress factor is the biggest issue, resolve it by convincing yourself that you are the only one who will stand above of all.
  • Practice UHS MDCAT Past Papers
  • Pray five times regularly because success is the grant of Allah if Allah is with you nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

MDCAT Books 2020

Mdcat Books are very important for preparation. Here is teh Best UHS MDCAT Books 2020.

  • Physics Punjab Text Book Board
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Biology (Most Important Part)


MDCAT Across Pakistan is conducted by the UHS. But private medical colleges can conduct separate admission test.  Marks Distribution is here

  • 200 Total MCQs
  • Passing Marks 120
  • 80 MCQs Biology
  • 60 MCQs from Chemistry
  • 40 MCQs From MDCAT English

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PMC Entry Test

No Negative Marking an entry Test. Still, You Have Question, Do comment, We will guide you best way. Answer your each and every question.


  1. Aiman
    • Tumhara dildaar
    • Tooba
      • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
    • Faisal malik
  2. Anam Riaz
    • zz
    • Shehroz Amin
    • Huzaifa
      • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  3. Muhammad khurram
    • Tumhara dildaar
      • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  4. Muhammad khurram
    • Tumhara dildaar
    • Tayyaba
      • Shehriyar Younas
  5. Muhammad khurram
  6. zawish Khan
    • AhmedSaeed
  7. Sana
    • Tumhara dildaar
      • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  8. aiman
  9. Zahra Batool .
  10. Mehwish
    • CAT
  11. Shanila
  12. wajeeh uz zaman tariq
  13. Zoha
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  14. Husnain
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  15. Frederick Naseer
  16. Noor Azam
  17. Ishmal Rashid
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  18. Ali Ahmed
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
    • Ahsan ali
  19. Faiq rizwan
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  20. Faiqa
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  21. Rohban leghari
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  22. Younas
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  23. Talha
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  24. Nimra
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  25. Nimra
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
    • M.sohaib
  26. babar
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  27. Mehreen
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  28. Laiba
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  29. maya amjad
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  30. Tehreem
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
      • Fatima Qasim
        • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
      • Maryam
  31. m.adil
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  32. Tehreem
  33. Mones kanwal
  34. Mehwish
  35. Mehwish
  36. Mehwish
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  37. Rimsha sehar
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
      • Rimsha sehar
  38. Zahra
  39. Zahra
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  40. Mehwish
  41. Mehwish
  42. Mehwish
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  43. Mehwish
  44. Syed Haider Ali Shah
  45. Syed Haider Ali Shah
  46. Syed Haider Ali Shah
  47. Fahad
  48. Imtiaz Ali Sandhu
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  49. Anas
  50. Anas
  51. Anas
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  52. Anas
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  53. laiba ahsan
  54. Laiba
  55. Aisha
  56. Gugnoo kamoka
  57. hafsa
  58. Maira
  59. Fiza
  60. Hqmza
  62. Syed Hassaan Ali
  63. meerab khan
  64. meerab khan
  65. Neha
  66. Nasir khan
    • meerab khan
  67. Iqra taj
  68. Mueen Rasheed
  69. Laiba
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  70. Laiba
  71. Maira mishal
  72. Abbad
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  73. Abbad
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  74. rashida
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  75. Rr
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  76. Talha
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  77. Areeba
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  78. Uzma
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  79. S Razi Hasan Rizvi
  80. Hassan
  81. Anonymous
  82. Dr. Hina Mahmood
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  83. Alishba
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  84. Shahbibi
  85. Shahbibi
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  86. Anum
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  87. Ali hassan
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  88. Ali hassan
  89. Siddique ur Rehman
  90. Aisha nadeem
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
      • Numan
        • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  91. Numan
  92. Hafsa
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  93. Hafsa Sabir
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  94. Maryam
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  95. Abdur Rehman
  96. saira
  97. saira
  98. saira
    • Muhammad Ikram Sadiq
  99. ayesha abbas
  100. ayesha abbas
  101. Ali Raza
  102. Sana
  104. ghulam moen ul deen
  105. Hamdan Baig

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